Autobiography without pronouns

Driving back in the slipstream
of the windfarm, each arc of white-
through-blue reaping ohms from clean
air. The sky would be priceless but
for a hairline crack on its far curve:
everything in slo-mo, the sea
for miles on the passenger side
like the hiss of Super-8. Feathers by
the roadside. Breaking home for twilight
where the traveller selling quartz hearts
on the seafront prophesies a wild affair
and a light rain, though in no particular
order. The small girl rounding the corner
on a scarlet tricycle has just created
pigeons; an astonishment of beat and wing.
Mother’s death was nothing unexpected
but Ricardo’s came brutally. Pan through
sky to sea to road to quartz to pigeons
as the last train westward klaxons in. All
change. And love insists, like gravity.

Tiffany Atkinson


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